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How to choose the right CMS

May 6

First and foremost, to choose the right CMS it would be helpful to know what exactly you’re dealing with? So heading back to basics, CMS in techy speak is an acronym for Content Management System, that is, a system for managing the content of your website.

Website Launch Checklist

Feb 3

Building your business website can be quite a daunting prospect. You want the front of your site to be impressive, and your branding to be on point. But that’s not to mention all the technicalities and time that goes into the background stuff, all the coding that no one really sees but is just as important to an effective website.

How to improve your ecommerce website

Dec 13

In January this year, Econsultancy reported that ecommerce sales were expected to be responsible for a whopping ‘£52.25 billion in the UK this year’ which would equate to a 16.2 per cent increase on 2014, when the total ecommerce sales stood at £44.97 billion.

SME Tools: Google My Business

Oct 11

Whether you’re a newbie in the small and medium enterprise (SME) world, or you’re simply taking the plunge into expanding your online presence and instigating your online marketing strategy, any helpful hints and tools are always gratefully received.

5 Critical SME Website Design Mistakes

Oct 5

How do we create a good business website? What do visitors want when they land on web pages?

Ultimately, they are visiting for information. That information may be about a service you offer, or product specifications, depending on the nature of your business.

SME Tools: Google Web Designer

Sep 1

When you’re a small and medium enterprise (SME), getting onto the Web and building up your online presence can seem like a very daunting task.

Designing an online marketing strategy, instigating these proposals and managing the items you’ve put in place takes time and while you simply might not have the capacity to do it, you also might not have the adequate skills and knowhow to keep up with the ever changing fads and technicalities of the World Wide Web.

Why is your website still not mobile friendly?

Aug 10

It was on 21 April this year that Google’s modified mobile ranking algorithm went live. While we had been given warning of the change, busy schedules and technical ability just sometimes don’t allow for changes such as these to be made in a time-efficient fashion.

Web Design Basics: Landing Pages

Jul 15

It isn’t uncommon to hear the term ‘landing page’ used to refer to any page on a website that a visitor first arrives at.

Yet, with that considered, when discussing digital marketing or effective web design, a landing page is generally accepted as a separate web page, apart from other areas of your website, which provides limited and goal-specific options to visitors, helping to optimise your conversion rates.

Surviving the Mobilegeddon

May 6

The tech-savvy among us have predicted it for a number of years, but on 5 May this year, Google made the inevitable official when it announced that the mobilegeddon is upon us.