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Business Photography

Our professional photography services are designed to capture your brand’s essence, product highlights, and team spirit. From product photos and headshots to event photography and more, we provide the imagery that helps you stand out from the competition.

Video production Hertfordshire

At Link Digital, we combine creativity, technology, and a strong understanding of your business to create videos that leave a lasting impact. Whether you need an engaging brand film for your website, a compelling product video for social media, or an informative tutorial for YouTube, our experienced team has got you covered. Our approach to video production is collaborative, affordable, and results-driven, making us the go-to choice for small to medium size businesses in Hertfordshire and beyond.

Why choose Link Digital

We’ve helped over 400 businesses realise their vision through eye-catching visuals and our growth-driven approach has earned us recognition as an award-winning agency.

Our team is dedicated to understanding your goals and tailoring our services to meet them. With values rooted in creativity, communication, growth, integrity, respect, and teamwork, we’re uniquely equipped to bring your brand’s story to life.

Ready to take your business to the next level with high-impact visuals?

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I invest in professional photography or video?

There are over a billion websites on the internet and peoples attention spans are shrinking. Investing in professional photography and videos will help make you business stand out from the crowd and increase engagement. Photos and videos can be reused and shared for years to come making it a long lasting investment.

How can I make use of the photos and videos?

To make the most out of your photos and videos, consider the following strategies:

Website: Feature them prominently throughout your website to increase engagement and leave a lasting impression.
Ecommerce: Replicating the in-person shopping experience of physical shops can be challenging. However, you can come close by incorporating high-quality photos and videos of your products. This allows online shoppers to get a better sense of the product and understand its benefits.
Social media: According to Forbes, videos generate an astounding 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. Additionally, viewers retain 95% of a message when conveyed through video, compared to a mere 10% retention rate when reading plain text.
Online Ads: When it comes to driving clicks and engagement, video ads outperform image ads. Capitalise on this fact by incorporating compelling video content into your online advertising campaigns.
Sales & Email Automation: To nurture potential customers and guide them toward a purchase decision, use videos that explain your product or service and highlight its benefits.
Print & Offline: Use high-quality photos in print materials to showcase your offerings effectively. Moreover, videos can be leveraged offline through the use of QR codes and strategically placed screens in-store or reception areas, providing an engaging experience for visitors.

Can you edit footage I recorded?

Yes, this is a common requirement and we can help. We’ve found that it is especially popular for people that have recorded timelapses and training videos, but can be provided for any type of video.

How much does it cost?

The following guides prices include planning, recording, and editing:

Photography from £450
Business Video from £1,450
Product Video from £1,150
Talking Head Interviews & Testimonials from £800
2D Animated Explainer from £300
Monthly Retainers from £695
Editing Only Retainers from £375

All prices are subject to vat at the current rate.

Which areas do you cover?

Most of our services are available internationally. However, photography and filming is the exception, we cover up to 50 miles around our office in Hertford because it involves our team travelling to your location with a lot of equipment.