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Introducing Sales Igniter

Sales boosting automation for small to medium size businesses

Until now, the big players like HubSpot, SalesForce, Pardot, and Active Campaign have dominated the market. But let’s face it, their enterprise platforms are simply not tailored or priced for businesses like yours. Just take a look at their customer lists—it’s clear they cater to larger businesses.

Sure, they might advertise low entry points, but add a few more users and a modest database of contacts, and suddenly you’re facing four-figure monthly fees. And that’s not all. When it comes to implementation and management, they pass the baton to their overpriced partners, who will gladly quote you a five-figure fee.

At Link Digital, we recognise the power of sales and marketing automation, but we believe in a different approach—one that puts small to medium size businesses at the forefront. That’s why we’ve developed Sales Igniter—an all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform designed to propel your business to success.

  • Capture leads into the built-in CRM and sales pipeline using landing pages, forms, calendars, phone system and more.
  • Nurture leads automatically via email, SMS, social media, phone, and state-of-the-art AI.
  • Close more deals using built in tools and our AI Sales Agent.
  • Done-for-you by our team of experts that will work with you to create a tailored sales pipeline, captivating landing pages, engaging forms, and an automated nurturing sequence.
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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All-in-One Software

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Affordable for Small Businesses

Frequently asked questions

How much does Sales Igniter Cost?

Sales Igniter pricing is simple and affordable. The starter plan is £245/month and the professional plan is £425/month. Unlike other platforms, all plans includes unlimited contacts and users so you are not penalised for growth. Click here to find out more about our plans and pricing.

I don’t have time, can you do the setup and management?

Yes, we offer a fully managed plan for £995/month which includes complete setup, custom landing pages, automated lead nurturing, ad management, AI sales agent, and more.

How difficult is it to use?

Sales Igniter is designed to be easy to use, but there are a lot of features to familiarise yourself with. We include training and support to help get you off to a flying start and recommend starting with the basics – CRM, Sales Pipeline and forms. Then build up to automations and all the other features. We also offer done-for-you services whereby our expert team setup and optimise everything for you including landing pages, forms, automations and more.

How can I find out more?

You can either book a demo or take out a free trial.