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Cringeworthy Social Media Fails and What You Can Learn From Them

Jun 6

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur that’s ready to take over the world, or you’re a marketing manager at a well-respected company, we can all agree that social presence is critical. Data released by Statista shows that social platform investment from outside companies, both large and small, has nearly doubled every year since 2014. With market revenue and client acquisition this high, you can’t afford to ignore the power of social and public influence.

Pepsi… What Were You Thinking?

The famous soda brand wanted to embed itself in current politics by placing a starlet–Kendall Jenner–at the forefront of a modern talking point. The ad shows the beautiful model strolling through a local protest to hand a stoic police officer a refreshing beverage that, ultimately, solves the crisis. If only our problems could be cured by slightly elevating our blood sugar! Although the message was great (become involved in current events) the delivery was lackluster, to say the least. The key takeaway from this campaign is, among other things, to remain sensitive and educated about the social conversation. Political outbursts and current events aren’t necessarily the best medium to build a social media campaign upon.

Your Employees Are Part Of Your Social Media

Social media blunders can, of course, cost an employee their job, but more than that, the message a social media blunder could send the wrong message about your company. On this list from Frank SMS, every social media blunder that could cost an employee their job is something that could cost a business a great deal of money and customers. Employees posting images of them drunk, or talking bad about each other, creates an image that your company is full of conflict and unprofessional. Being aware of your employee’s behavior and habits is an excellent way to keep this from becoming a problem. Make sure your company is presenting a professional appearance on all fronts.

Own Up To Your Mistakes

When the inevitable happens, you should learn to own up to your mistakes. If you make a gaffe apologize, figure out the cause of the problem and use that to correct your problem. People tend to have more respect for companies that own up to their mistakes instead of trying to cover things up or double down.

For businesses and brands looking to expand your customer outreach, do your homework before you post. Although people can enjoy a social media post with a dad-joke now and then, people aren’t running out to do business with a company that doesn’t understand social media. Consider paying for social media marketing to manage your social media campaign to ensure you have the best results. Healthy communication between your business and future clients is the key to success in both the short-term and long-term future.


Website Launch Checklist

Feb 3

Building your business website can be quite a daunting prospect. You want the front of your site to be impressive, and your branding to be on point. But that’s not to mention all the technicalities and time that goes into the background stuff, all the coding that no one really sees but is just as important to an effective website.

Confirming local brand identity through creative copy

Sep 27

For many small and medium enterprises (SMEs), your main demographic is individuals or groups local to your business. With that in mind, it is important to consider how you are going to form your character as a local company within your marketing strategy – on and offline.

Simple steps to creating killer sales copy

Jul 14

No matter how great your product or service is, it will never reach its full potential if your marketing strategy is substandard. Sales copy is a cost-efficient marketing tool. Utilised well, the power of words can be especially surprising.

Blogging: Best practice for businesses

Jul 18

Blogging can play a crucial part in the creation, increase and maintenance of an online profile and presence of your business. Free from the constraints and demands of third parties, it allows you to express yourself and your company exactly as you want to and, when done well, can bring enormous benefits to you and your organisation.

Quality website content: Crucial to online marketing success

Feb 28

When it comes to owning and maintaining a great website, there’s a delicate balance to strike between design and content.

You can have the greatest web design in the world, but it’s no good if the words are derivative, dull and uninspiring. Similarly, even the most eloquent and effective prose will be lost amidst a terrible design.

How to write your website copy: Top 10 tips

Sep 28

Got a great looking website? Excellent, you’re business is off to the right start. However, as we’re sure you’re aware, no matter how wonderful the aesthetics, if the content isn’t up to scratch then success shall not be forthcoming.