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Cringeworthy Social Media Fails and What You Can Learn From Them

Jun 6

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur that’s ready to take over the world, or you’re a marketing manager at a well-respected company, we can all agree that social presence is critical. Data released by Statista shows that social platform investment from outside companies, both large and small, has nearly doubled every year since 2014. With market revenue and client acquisition this high, you can’t afford to ignore the power of social and public influence.

Pepsi… What Were You Thinking?

The famous soda brand wanted to embed itself in current politics by placing a starlet–Kendall Jenner–at the forefront of a modern talking point. The ad shows the beautiful model strolling through a local protest to hand a stoic police officer a refreshing beverage that, ultimately, solves the crisis. If only our problems could be cured by slightly elevating our blood sugar! Although the message was great (become involved in current events) the delivery was lackluster, to say the least. The key takeaway from this campaign is, among other things, to remain sensitive and educated about the social conversation. Political outbursts and current events aren’t necessarily the best medium to build a social media campaign upon.

Your Employees Are Part Of Your Social Media

Social media blunders can, of course, cost an employee their job, but more than that, the message a social media blunder could send the wrong message about your company. On this list from Frank SMS, every social media blunder that could cost an employee their job is something that could cost a business a great deal of money and customers. Employees posting images of them drunk, or talking bad about each other, creates an image that your company is full of conflict and unprofessional. Being aware of your employee’s behavior and habits is an excellent way to keep this from becoming a problem. Make sure your company is presenting a professional appearance on all fronts.

Own Up To Your Mistakes

When the inevitable happens, you should learn to own up to your mistakes. If you make a gaffe apologize, figure out the cause of the problem and use that to correct your problem. People tend to have more respect for companies that own up to their mistakes instead of trying to cover things up or double down.

For businesses and brands looking to expand your customer outreach, do your homework before you post. Although people can enjoy a social media post with a dad-joke now and then, people aren’t running out to do business with a company that doesn’t understand social media. Consider paying for social media marketing to manage your social media campaign to ensure you have the best results. Healthy communication between your business and future clients is the key to success in both the short-term and long-term future.


Inbound vs Outbound email marketing

Sep 4

Are your emails annoying or lovable?

Remember those emails that asked you to ‘buy their stuff’ over and over until you either created a filter, marked it as spam or jumped the hurdles of unsubscribing?

Those emails never worked, I mean would you go into a bar and walk up to the first person you meet and ask them really loudly to ‘BUY MY STUFF!’ ?

The technical term for that is Outbound Marketing, it’s interruptive and whilst there are people out there still using it their success is eclipsed by the world of Inbound Marketing.

Google penalties explained

Nov 22

Google Penalties

An unexpected drop in your website’s positioning within search results is a possible sign that you have been hit by a penalty. Such a drop could have a serious impact on your business, so it is of utmost importance to determine what kind of penalty was imposed (and why) in order to rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

What we learned from the Google Performance Summit

Jun 3

Late last month, one of the most anticipated events of the advertising year took place as Google hosted a performance summit event where advertisers and the like congregated as new features and updates to existing products were shared.

Tips to increase your email subscriber list

Mar 3

When you consider digital marketing strategies, email marketing can seem slightly old school. If you think that the ol’ mailing list is forlorn ancient history though, think again. Your mailing list, if managed and utilised well, can be the key to making sales and the basis of successful digital marketing campaigns.

The dos and don’ts of Social Media

Jan 19

So you’ve heard how beneficial social media can be for your business and subsequently, decided to kick off your own business’ accounts in order to take advantage of one of the most popular channels to your customers.

What marketing changes should your business make in 2016

Jan 14

With technology constantly evolving, sometimes it can be hard to know how to approach the New Year or what adjustments you need to make to your marketing strategy. Like anything, if your business doesn’t move with the times then having a website will mean virtually nothing.

Social Media, Where Do I Start?

Dec 15

Known as one of the bigger business dilemmas when approaching your marketing plan, business owners can often find it difficult to start their social media marketing. However important it may be, the fact is that technology is ever-changing and one method that might be popular today, might not be popular tomorrow.