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4 Essential Website Features You Need to Gain and Keep Traffic

Aug 19

Whether you’re a seasoned online professional or just starting to dip your feet into the digital water, you’ll likely have explored building a website as a first step. This is a great idea to establish a presence and to provide a place for everyone to see what a superstar you are, but wondering what essential website features you need can be daunting.

All your WhatsApp are belong to us

Aug 6

When Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for about $20 odd billion most people scratched their head wondering what on earth they were going to do with it. It’s currently one of Facebook’s major properties and not bought in a single penny of profit.

5 Reasons Why Potential Customers Don’t Convert

Jul 15

There’s nothing more frustrating than having customers without them converting. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed while trying to think what is going wrong with your conversion process. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips you can follow to fix this problem. In this post, you’ll learn five reasons why potential customers don’t convert.

Instagram TV is here

Jun 28

It’s TV but not as we know it! IGTV, Instagram’s brand new video platform, is here!

But wait, what is it, how does it work, why is everyone (or at least me) talking about Instagram TV?

Cringeworthy Social Media Fails and What You Can Learn From Them

Jun 6

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur that’s ready to take over the world, or you’re a marketing manager at a well-respected company, we can all agree that social presence is critical. Data released by Statista shows that social platform investment from outside companies, both large and small, has nearly doubled every year since 2014. With market revenue and client acquisition this high, you can’t afford to ignore the power of social and public influence.

We’re hiring! – SEO / Content Marketing Specialist

Mar 9

We’re looking for a bright and enthusiastic SEO and content marketing specialist to join our rapidly-growing team in Hertfordshire. You will be responsible for delivering first class digital marketing services to an expanding client base, across a variety of industries.

SSL – Google wants you to do it – here’s the why

Feb 8

This is the year for SSL, if you don’t have an SSL certificate Google will flag your website this year.

We use the internet for everything, from buying, selling, communicating, emails etc etc Online security is a necessity no longer a luxury.