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As of March 6th 2024, Google Consent Mode is updating to version 2, introducing crucial changes for any website that uses Google Analytics or Google Ads. This update isn’t just a step forward in privacy compliance; it’s a fundamental shift in how conversion data and audience insights are collected and utilised, directly impacting your digital marketing strategies.

Understanding Consent Mode 2

Consent Mode version 2 connects your website’s cookie banner with Google Ads and Analytics. This connection is vital for preserving the integrity of your marketing data in the face of stringent privacy laws. Here’s what happens based on user interactions with the consent banner:

  • Approval: When users approve cookies, everything operates normally. This allows the full flow of user data for conversion tracking and remarketing audiences.
  • Disapproval: In instances where users decline tracking, Consent Mode version 2 doesn’t leave you in the dark. Although direct tracking halts, it activates a modelling approach to estimate conversion probabilities. This innovative feature ensures marketers still gain insights into potential customer behaviours without direct data.

The Impact of Not Updating

Not transitioning to Consent Mode version 2 by the March 6th deadline poses significant risks:

  • Loss of Conversion Data: Failing to update to Consent Mode 2 could lead to inaccuracies in conversion tracking. This discrepancy might distort the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and adversely affect the performance of your bid strategy.  
  • Loss of Audience Data: Remarketing relies on cookies to target previous visitors to your website. Consent Mode 2 ensures that you can still reach out to potential customers in a privacy-compliant manner, even if they have not consented to all cookies.

How to Implement Consent Mode 2

Upgrading to Consent Mode 2 requires some technical adjustments on your website. However, it’s not something you have to navigate alone. At Link Digital, we’re offering discounted rates on CookieYes and a done-for-you implementation service, ensuring your digital marketing strategy remains effective and compliant.


The rollout of Google Consent Mode 2 on March 6th is an important update for businesses. It directly impacts how you track conversions and manage remarketing audiences. Taking action to update your website will ensure you stay compliant, keep your data accurate, and maintain effective marketing strategies. Don’t let your business fall behind; make sure you’re prepared for Consent Mode 2.

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