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10 easy ways to grow your email list

Email marketing campaigns have been highlighted by Smart Insight’s 2015 Managing Digital Marketing report as one of the most successful forms of marketing. In fact, a whopping 51 per cent of those involved with digital marketing stated that this channel reaped the best rewards for their businesses.

That sounds fantastic but how do you build the initial email list to mail out to and how can you encourage it to grow? It’s time to assess your strategy and maybe call in the assistance of a digital agency, after all, as the world becomes increasingly Internet based, email marketing is big business.

So just how is it done?

  1. Look at your existing list of contacts. Drop them a line, let them know that you’re planning a campaign and ask if they would like to subscribe. Don’t forget your family and friends; they are often keen to big up your business.
  2. Go back to basics. If you are involved with face-to-face service, ask individuals if they would like to keep up to date with what is going on with your business. Jot their email down and add it to your database.
  3. Make sure your website and/or blog has an area designated to email subscriptions. Make it quick and easy to use so that browsers aren’t deterred from joining. Primarily, all you need is an email address.
  4. When you are handed a business card, briefly drop the subject into conversation and get permission to add their address to your list. Collect addresses at work, business events and social engagements.
  5. Nothing beats timing and at the end of a positive telephone call it is likely you will obtain an additional address for your list.
  6. Use social media. Add a newsletter sign-up tab onto your Facebook page, tweet a couple of highlights from your email with a link to your sign-up page and use your YouTube channel to direct viewers to where they can subscribe. The options are endless and extremely variable. LinkedIn is great for the business-to-business sector and make sure to mention your email list in relevant groups.
  7. Don’t be shy, be socially active. Engage with others. A dynamic social media presence encourages other users to click through to view your profile or page which can in turn boost subscribers.
  8. Add share and forward features to your emails and any online posts. Word of mouth is an effective email marketing tool.
  9. End all online forms with a subscription field. This gives users the chance to opt in or out of your email list with a click.
  10. Run a promotion or competition. We all like something for nothing. Promote a specific service or product by placing it up for grabs. Make signing up to your email list an essential entry condition.

Despite the rise of social media, regardless the influence of any affiliates, email is still the number one, cost efficient marketing channel available. For help and advice regarding your email marketing campaign, speak with the experts at Link Digital.

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