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The Company

Our client would prefer not be named in this case study, but is a leading automotive finance broker in the UK.

The Challenge

After wasting over £10k on Google Ads through another agency – which resulted in no successful loans – our client was apprehensive. They approached Link Digital, seeking not just a fix, but a transformation in their PPC strategy.

The Solution

A closer look at their past campaigns revealed poorly targeted keywords attracting visitors with no interest in car finance.

To rectify this, we went back to the drawing board, with keyword research, and new, highly-targeted ad campaigns.

We didn’t just stop at lead generation. By working closely with the client’s sales team, we continually reviewed performance and gained insights into their sales, enabling us to refine our strategies and prioritise loan approvals over mere lead generation.

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“Really great company to work with, highly recommended.”

Imran Kassim, Sales Manager
UK Car Finance Broker

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