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The Company

Established in 2000, All4Kids are one of the largest website directories of children’s products and services.

The Challenge

The website was originally built 14 years ago and although its content had been updated regularly, the website was not optimised for mobile devices and the design itself had become very dated.

The Solution

A fresh new logo and website.

We worked with the team at All4Kids to design a fun and vibrant new logo and colour scheme. Multiple concepts were presented and following a few amends the client choose the logo design below which they love.

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The colour scheme and style was carried through to the new website design and the hero photo that we put together is perfect for the website and brand.

While the client wanted a new website design, they didn’t have the budget to develop the website on a modern platform. So we integrated the design onto their existing platform which had been custom built many years earlier.

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Firstly, we invested considerable time in understanding the clients existing brand, their audience and business requirements. Then we worked with the client to modernise it with a fresh new logo and colour scheme.

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Web Design

The website was completely redesigned to be fun, bright, colourful and modern. Additionally, it is now mobile responsive which was essential for the clients audience.

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Cost & Time Saving

The redesign was applied to the existing site technology which delivered considerable time and cost savings to the client compared with the alternative of a complete site rebuild and data migration.

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As a well established website it performs very well for a wide range of keywords, we provided extensive support in ensuring those rankings were retained and improved.

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