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The Company

Nourish London is a British organic skincare company offering scientifically crafted, highly effective, organic, vegan & cruelty-free skincare powered by ingredients from nature.  

The Challenge

Skincare is a highly competitive industry, with major players such as Amazon, Boots, and Superdrug dominating the rankings.

The Solution

Recognising that Nourish London, a small independent business, faced stiff competition for popular keywords like “skincare” and “moisturisers,” we focused on niche keywords aligned with their strengths: natural, vegan, organic skincare products.

To enhance their online presence, we implemented a comprehensive on-site SEO strategy, optimising website content, meta tags, and improving site structure for better crawlability. Additionally, we engaged in a robust link-building campaign to boost domain authority and drive high-quality traffic.

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As a result, Nourish London saw a significant increase in organic traffic, growing from under 400 to nearly 2,000 visitors per month.

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129 keywords in the top 10 on Google UK which has resulted in a 5x increase in organic traffic over the last 12 months.

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Shopify Support

We provide website support and developments including an interactive product finder and sample ordering form.

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Google Ads

Nourish London self-manages their Google Ads day-to-day but occasionally requires ad-hoc advice and support in creating campaigns.

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Amazon Ads

We helped launch Nourish London on Amazon including product listing, A+ content, Vine reviews, and ads.

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