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12% Increase

In sales in first 6 months (to nearly £1m).

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The Company

Since 2012, Landlord Certificates has served London’s landlords, providing access to cost-effective, qualified engineers to meet the necessary safety certifications before letting.

The Challenge

The website,, was built by the founder and very old. Not only did its design reflect its age, but its sluggish speed and lack of mobile compatibility hindered its Google performance.

The Solution

We designed a professional new website using WordPress which is mobile friendly, search engine optimised, and very fast.

Independent GTmetrix performance report:

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As a result, the website now meets Google’s Core Vitals standards, leading to an increase in search engine rankings, site traffic, and ultimately, bookings.

Beyond design, Link Digital provides AWS hosting, website support, Google Ads, and SEO, to help drive further business growth.

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Custom Designed Website

Designed and built a fresh new website that is optimised for speed, usability, mobile devices, and search engine rankings.

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#1 for keywords like ‘landlord certificates’, ‘electrical certificates’, ‘gas certificate London’, and hundreds more. Resulting in over 3.5k monthly organic visitors and thousands of bookings.

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Google Ads

While the SEO performance is incredible, there is always going to be keyword gaps. That is where we use Google Ads to ensure full coverage and further increase bookings.

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AWS Hosting & Support

To help achieve the performance level needed, we heavily optimised the site and deployed it on Amazon AWS website hosting. The website is monitored, maintained and supported by the Link Digital team.

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