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Social Media Word Puzzle

As a change from the normal blog posts or news round-ups, why not have a little fun and try your luck with our social media word search puzzle?

The puzzle contains 16 words relating to social media.

Social Media Word Puzzle - ld social media word puzzle


3. Information that is displayed when a web page is shared on social media platforms.
5. Social app that allows users to make short videos.
9. Feature that allows users to post multiple photos or videos in a single post.
11. A group of supporters.
12. A program, movie, or other visual media product featuring moving images, with or without audio, that is recorded and saved digitally.
13. Participate in, enjoy, and receive.
14. A brand name for an image messaging service and application, through which users can share images that may be private and temporary or public and stored for retrieval. 15. Used to design stunning social media posts.
16. An act of involvement.


1. To submit an online message.
2. A brand name for a social media service and website, launched in 2004.
4. Pictorial images, as in works of art.
6. Widely mentioned or discussed on the internet, especially on social media websites.
7. A message posted on the Twitter social media service and website: the message may include text, links, photos, or videos.
8. A person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media.
10. The brand name for a photo-sharing and social media software. application, launched in 2010.

Use the clues to fill in the words above.

Words can go across or down.

Letters are shared when the words intersect.

Either print this page or download a PDF version here.

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