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Software Development

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Project Images

Topas is a travel booking system used by some of the UK’s largest tour operators.


The original system was developed over a decade ago and heavily reliant on manual data entry and printed travel documents.


It was clear that Topas v1 needed to be completely replaced. We developed Topas v2 from the ground up, using ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL.

The first company to migrate over to Topas v2 was Freedom Destinations, a leading tour operator, with over 40 staff and a £15 million annual turnover. We managed the whole process and provided a seamless transition.


Since adopting the new platform, Freedom Destinations has benefited from:

  • A big reduction in IT support incidents
  • Email-based travel documentation has made the office almost paperless
  • Reduced manual data entry – in fact this is so efficient now that entire job roles became redundant and staff had to be re-tasked within the company
  • Fast, streamlined and automated processes ensure that the whole company runs more smoothly and efficiently
  • Improved reporting capabilities allow the client to see exactly how every aspect of the company is performing.