How to Use Amazon to Grow Your Business

Nov 26

Whatever business you are starting out in, using the big perspective of e-commerce is a way to help it grow. Although it might seem unfamiliar and overwhelming at first, it is important to just breathe and take things one step at a time. Using Amazon is one of the greatest ways to enhance your online presence and earn revenue.

How to Leverage Amazon to Your Advantage

Amazon has a huge platform that sells everything and anything. Thousands of people visit the site every minute. This will naturally bring you lots of traffic, which means selling on Amazon is a good option for making money.

You can choose to use Amazon in any business that you are in. You just have to remember a few things about it. If you want to sell on this platform by registering as a merchant, you must pay a fee for each sale that you make. Amazon uses this fee to process everything for you from holding your products in their storage to shipping the product to the customer. Amazon takes a small fee for doing all of this work for you. This also gives you access to exclusive sale-boosting features like Enhanced Brand Content.

Once you have the products that you want to sell, you can use a blog, social media site or your own website to send people to your Amazon products so that they can directly shop from there. To make sure that you have sufficient traffic and get on the top pages of a Google search, make sure the content on your pages is optimized with proper keywords and phrases. You can also use your website to gather email addresses in order to send out campaign emails for different promotions of your products.

You can also use your Facebook page to drive traffic to your Amazon site. Before you get started selling, it is a good idea to research what products actually sell. You can research the Amazon site for best-selling categories. Researching what is trending on social media and recent Amazon purchases will give you a heads up about what kinds of products you need to focus on.


Getting an Accountant

While your business is still small, you may manage things on your own. As your business expands, this job will become increasingly complicated, and you might need to turn to a professional accountant for help. Amazon requires a complete understanding of the data that is coming in and information about the sales. An accountant can do this for you when you have the finances to afford it.

Some signs that you may need an accountant include things like your accounting work is absorbing too much of your time when you can be doing something else for your business, or you are making mistakes with your settlement statements. If you are participating in multiple international markets, you will also benefit from hiring an Amazon accountant to take care of all the details around fees, taxes and currency exchanges associated with foreign markets.

If you are using the Amazon FBA program for small businesses, you will also need an accountant to take care of all the twists and turns in data that can occur with this type of business.


Managing Supplies

Your Amazon inventory is not something that is static. You need to manage your inventory and supplies as times passes and you observe the changing market. If your sales start dropping, it is a clear sign that your inventory needs refreshing. Notice what is selling and what is in higher demand that needs to be resupplied. You can watch the sale ranks of certain items and keep up with changes by ordering more hot products or focusing on other types of products.

If your page visits are going down, then people are less interested in what you are selling. This is also true if your customers are not too consistent with their positive feedback. Obviously, if product complaints are increasing, that is a warning sign that the integrity of your account is not satisfactory to customers.


Of course, like all platforms, Amazon has its risks. However, with proper management and planning, you can gain tremendously by linking your business to Amazon.

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This post was written by Matt Purser