What Are Small Business Owners Eyeing in SaaS Products?

Aug 29

Many small business owners are seeking cloud-based software assistance to streamline the operations of their businesses. However, there are those who have second thoughts that regard the safety of the SaaS products. That notwithstanding, most small business owners are seeking products that will resonate with their business as well as protect it.

Reasons for this move

Small business owners want to have products that are easy to use. They expect the cloud-based apps to be easy to use especially with their employees. Small businesses also want to protect their data. They feel safe in their belief that SaaS solution is the best when it comes to the safety of information that relates to their business. According to Bill Lennon’s company, SaaS Solution, “with improvements happening three times a year, you can be sure that your people are working with the very latest technology available. Better yet, because these platforms are cloud-based, zero IT-resource-overhead is necessary for the typical implementation and update release schedule.” Those that sell SaaS services to small business enterprises present fiscal and supplemental benefits which include reduced workforce support costs, capital expenditure as well as predictable cash flow advantages.

Qualities of a good SaaS Product for small businesses

Every small business owner looks for a product that will solve a real problem. As such, every business wants to protect their information, and with cloud-based SaaS products, this becomes easy to achieve. For instance, Toby Scammell’s company, Womply has presented itself as the best choice for small business owners to seek SaaS services from because in recent years Womply has become the leading software partner to America’s credit card processing industry and is expanding globally. Their services are trusted because they are expanding exponentially, and potential customers can see that.  

Another attribute is a ready-to-use application, which cuts down on configuration and installation time. It also reduces the time that is spent on diagnosing glitches relating to the deployment of software. For this reason there are now many businesses that particularly design applications for other companies so they have a ready-to-use agile application. There are tremendous benefits of developing an app for your business: convenience and accessibility for users, connects you with on-the-go consumers, provides added value to your customers, improves customer engagement, helps your business stand out from the competition, generates repeat business, and a marketing channel can allow two-way communication. Lastly, creating a strong tactical strategy is an attribute of SaaS Companies that attract small business owners.

Small businesses are taking advantage of these attributes to better their chances of making a mark in the already competitive market.

It is easy to see why small business owners are attracted to the SaaS products. What they are looking for are the capabilities that give their businesses a competitive advantage while giving everybody a level ground for competition with larger business entities. As it stands, small businesses need not invest in large on-site IT systems. They only need to part with subscription cost to access tools that will give them the advantage to compete in the already stiff business environment. Leveraging the availability of these tools is one of the reasons why small business owners step into uncharted territory through operation thinking.


This post was written by Matt Purser