How Online Coupons Are Changing E-commerce

Sep 27


In today’s society, we can purchase just about anything with a click of a button. Gone are the days that we have to drive to the supermarket for our purchases or sort through hundreds of dresses before we find one to wear to next weekend’s event. But with so many online businesses on the market, how will we decide which company to spend our coins with? While marketing your business in an attractive fashion is a great way to catch the attention of a prospective customer, it is certainly not enough to seal the deal every time. To keep up with the competition, you will want to consider discounting products and services to lure more customers in. Coupons and discount programs are changing E-commerce and here is why.

Consumers Have Lost Excitement

When the world of E-commerce first came about, people were ecstatic. Being able to access any product via the world wide web was both surreal and almost too convenient to fully accept. However, as more time passes, the thrill is gone, and people have adjusted to virtual shopping. To stay in the game, you must adhere to customer expectations.

‘Coupons have changed the expectations of customers. They want to get the best deals they can, and expect businesses to honor every coupon available.’ – Plus Voucher Code

The Inventory Won’t Move

Every company has its best sellers and a few products that have trouble making it into the customers’ cart. Oftentimes, carrying a product that no one seems to have a need for will only cost you money. Knocking down the price of these products may make them more appealing in the eyes of the consumer.

‘Nothing is more dangerous than sitting on inventory that won’t sell. In this case you can create coupon codes targeted to move these items.’ – Shopify

People Are Looking For An Incentive

Countless online companies offer the same merchandise or similar versions, and besides a few distinct features, there aren’t many differences. Amongst shoppers, there is one factor that truly dictates whether the purchase is made with one business or another: the price. While a business owner is looking to make money, the consumer is looking to save money, and in order to gain their attention, you must cater to that need.

The goal of owning and maintaining a company is to make a substantial amount of money to both stay in business and gain profit. Because of this, offering products and services at a discounted rate may sound absurd. While you may be a bit skeptical about cutting your earnings a bit, in time, using this method can be the exact reason that your business begins to thrive.

It is a known fact that customers are less likely to hesitate before placing an online purchase if there is some sort of incentive involved. Whether the listed price is reasonable or not, people are always looking to save as much money as possible. If there is any doubt in mind that one can go a cheaper route and still obtain the desired object, you may lose a lot of business. Here a few ways that a business owner can go about apply discounts and attracting new customers as a result.

Digital Coupons

The use of digital coupons will not only get customers to be more excited about making an exchange with your company, but it is an excellent marketing strategy. Fortunately, there are several creative ways to offer discounts to your customers. Here are a few ways that you can do so.

Downloadable Coupons

Much of the success in E-Commerce is credited to downloadable coupons as it one of the most diverse ways to issue discounted rates. These coupons can often be found on the website of the business, social media ads, direct emails, or even texts on a mobile device.

Coupon Codes

Much like downloadable coupons, coupon codes can be found on any platform but are usually posted on websites designed to market your company. These third-party websites are useful as they will attract potential customers that may have never even heard of your company. Many people routinely scan these types of sites in efforts to find deals and are more likely to visit your business if they are intrigued by the offer listed. To redeem a coupon code, a customer must simply enter the unique characters of the code before submitting the order.

Automatic Discounts

Offering the occasional BOGO sale or 20% off coupon for a period of time are ways to implement an automatic discount. You may tailor the discount to your preference. This is a great way to build customer loyalty and encourage them to do business with you again.

‘Online stores use coupons to drive bottom-line capital gains and improve customer retention rates while reducing shopping cart abandonment in the process.’

Big Commerce

Coupons have completely altered the look of E-Commerce, and if you are not on board with implementing them, you may not get as much business as you should. However, offering too many discounts may cause you to lose too much money if you aren’t careful. When implementing coupons for your online business, you must know your market and know when to revert back to your regular prices to avoid reversing your profits.

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This post was written by Matt Purser