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3 Ways to Embrace Corporate Sustainability in the Workplace

Jun 6

Having more green ways of doing things is becoming more important than ever for businesses. It promotes efficiency and improves the environment, and it also creates goodwill that fosters relationships with customers. But you need the right strategies and tactics if you are going to promote sustainability:


The first place you can start to promote corporate sustainability is the way you consume energy in your business. This begins with your office. Do you currently have solar powered lights, generators, air conditioning, and other electrical devices? If the answer is no, then the good news you can only go up from here.

The great thing about leveraging sustainable energy is that it helps the environment while also reducing your costs. And unlike the days of old, getting great green energy is not as expensive so you won’t need to invest as much up front.

Reduce Paper Waste

Paper waste can really add up in any business. From invoices, to reports, to random daily usage, it is important to reign in your costs in this area. One strategy is to put a limit on the daily amount allowed to be printed by any one person in the company. However, this can have bad consequences such as people not being able to get projects done or having to come out of pocket which can slow things down and cause resentment.

A better and more sustainable solution is to leverage print management software to reduce costs and increase efficiency. You can know exactly where you stand with costs, how much ink is left, and how to order the printing in the most efficient manner, as well as save user preferences so less time is wasted. Most of all, it reduces paper waste and leads to greater sustainability.

Shipping and Logistics

If you sell physical products, then shipping is a fact of life. However, this does not mean you have to do things the same way you always have. If you arrange your warehouses and redraw shipping routes, you can reduce wasted gas, money, and time. Furthermore, consider ways to sell online instead of powering a retail store for certain locations, as this could further impact your carbon footprint.

When it comes to the modern day business world, being sustainable is something at the top of everyone’s list. It is vital that you implement the measures above to give yourself a better reputation and promote the environment for better peace of mind and profit.